Circular economy in mind on the drawing board

Recyclability is essential to the sustainability of the fashion industry. We enable and develop recyclability in many ways within Stockmann’s own brands. 

We already have product reuse in mind at the design stage: we design products with a long life and a high resale value. Our own-brand assortment is particularly timeless, with a style that will not age. We enrich our range with new ideas and trendy accessories that allow customers to freshen up their style.

Children’s clothes wear out quickly in play. For our smaller customers, we add fun knee patches and take care of adjustability. This way, the clothes serve longer and can be recycled for the next child.

Whenever possible, we try to use mono-materials, meaning that products are not made from mixed materials. This makes it easier to recycle our products. There are many factors that affect material choices, which you can read more about here.

Circular economy-based companies operate in our department stores. We cooperate with Emmy, Ninyes and Relove and with HSY.