Circular economy at Stockmann: repair and recycle

The circular economy is made easy at Stockmann: you can update your favourite old clothes with the help of a skilled sewer, buy quality second-hand products or recycle your clothing. Stockmann provides its customers with more and more products and services that support the circular economy.

High-quality products last longer, withstand wear and tear, and maintain their retail value. The life cycle of products is extended because the garments are well cared for and ultimately recycled. Stockmann with its carefully selected circular economy partners help make responsible choices in three ways.

Kuvituskuva, jossa nappeja ja lankoja ja vaatteet

Repair, modify and maintain

Versatility and long life cycle are the main requirements for today’s clothing. Stockmann’s sewing service employees have a solid experience in transforming clothes into something new. Stockmann serves all your clothing and accessory alteration needs, whether you buy your clothes in Stockmann department stores, online or anywhere else.

Shop for quality second-hand products

Stockmann’s second-hand selection in Helsinki city centre department store includes Ninyes, a company specialising in recycling children’s clothes. Relove, known for its diverse second-hand assortment and café products, is a partner of both Stockmann Helsinki city centre and Stockmann Tampere. In addition, Stockmann offers its MyStockmann customers a benefit on Mjuk’s sales service selling recycled furniture.

Kuvituskuva, jossa ihminen farkuissa ja kädessä kukka
ihminen ojentaa toiselle lasivaasin

recycle easily

Every Stockmann department store has Emmy’s sales box where you can drop off used branded clothing. Recycling boxes can be found in the children’s clothing departments and in Tapiola, in the shopping centre Ainoa. Branded clothing, shoes and outfits for children, women and men in good condition, as well as maternity and home-made clothes are suitable for sale.

Stockmann also has a collection box for textiles that are no longer suitable for charity collections, for example, but should not be thrown away. Last year, Stockmann launched a service with HSY (Helsinki region environmental services), where you can sort broken broken, unusable and unreparable textiles for reuse. The collection of end-of-life textiles has expanded to our Turku department store in cooperation with Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto (LSJH), and most recently to our Tampere department store together with Pirkanmaa Jätehuolto (PJH).


We already have product reuse in mind at the design stage: we design products with a long life and a high resale value.