We choose long-lasting materials

An essential part of sustainability is the choice of materials. Our material choices start with product design: first we design a carefully considered product for our customers, and then we find the right material for the product.  

Many factors affect the sustainability of materials. Quality drives everything we do and it’s also the basis for our material choices.  

We aim to use recycled materials to an appropriate extent, while optimising the durability of the product: for example, recycled cotton as such is not very durable, so we can use, for example, one fifth recycled cotton and the rest regular cotton, so that the durability of the product is not compromised. In certain products, such as sheets, recycled cotton can quickly become fluffy, which is not something our customers like. That’s why we usually choose traditional, really durable cotton so that our customers can use the products for a long time. 

We test new with consideration

We use a lot of natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool and silk. They withstand wear and tear and are long-lasting materials, so the products are used a lot and for a long time.  

New and modified materials are constantly entering the market. We want to provide our customer something new while maintaining quality. That’s why we experiment with new materials in a thoughtful way and, based on our experience, expand the use of the best new materials.  


We carefully choose the materials for our products based on their intended use, as material choices affect both people and the environment.