sustainability at lindex

At Lindex, sustainability is part of our everyday work, and we are dedicated to keeping our promise – to make a difference for future generations. Our sustainability work spans over several levels – from our higher purpose as a company, to meeting our stakeholders’ expectations and staying updated with legislation. Our sustainability promise is divided into three areas: empower women, respect the planet and ensure human rights.

Empower women

We exist to empower and inspire women everywhere. Women populate every part of our value chain, from field to fitting room. Of course, we also have many men in our value chain. They are just as an important part of Lindex and in everything we do to reach for our higher purpose. And while the woman is everything to us, she is also the key to the future. Women and girls bear much of the burden of the challenges in our society today and without real inclusion of half of the world’s population, a sustainable future remains out of reach. So, we will continue on our journey and use our business power and platform to have an impact. We have done a lot of good work which we will continue, but we are also stepping up in the areas where progress has been slow.

Respect the planet

At Lindex, we will not be a bystander in the biggest environmental crisis of our time. We see a strong link between our higher purpose and our commitment to all aspects of sustainability. Because basic needs come first: you can’t fulfil your potential without access to clean water, food, shelter and safety. These needs rely on functioning natural ecosystems. If our world’s climate warms beyond the limit of 1.5 degrees, it will become a world without enough clean water and food; a world of social unrest and conflict. And women are the ones who are the most affected. In this way, our higher purpose pushes us to do more to drive circularity in the fashion industry and limit climate change.

Ensure human rights

In every part of Lindex’s business, we depend on the decisions, hands and skills of people. People with rights and dignity that belongs to them, no matter who they are. It is our responsibility to make sure that fundamental human rights are respected in our entire value chain and that the workplaces are safe and healthy with decent working conditions. And while supply chain transparency is a major challenge in the fashion industry, it is the key to making progress within all areas of sustainability.

a company on a journey

For more than 65 years, Lindex has been a fashion company on a journey. In recent years, the journey is happening with an increasing sense of urgency. Climate change, social inequalities and the growing population has crystallised our road and what it takes to walk on it. We have a responsibility to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – for our customers, for society and for our business today and tomorrow. We are far from perfect, but we are also far from finished.