Responsible employer

Our Group’s strength comes from people who do everything they can for customers. Our employees can grow, develop and contribute to a sustainable future together, and take responsibility and fulfil themselves and their potential.  

The Group’s common HR principles are

  • We treat everyone equally and promote diversity and inclusion 
  • We provide a healthy work environment that encourages initiative 
  • We manage ourselves and others based on our values 
  • We manage ourselves and others based on our values 
  • We foster a culture of continuous learning and support everyone’s growth 
  • We promote opportunities for participation and a sense of community 

The implementation of good HR policies is regularly monitored.  

We strive for equality and diversity  

The Lindex Group aims to promote a people-oriented culture that, at its core, includes fair, equal and appreciative treatment of all employees, with respect for diversity. 

Equal and fair remuneration is one of the areas in our equality and diversity plan. The Group has a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and other inappropriate behaviour. Diversity is taken into account when electing the members of the Board of Directors and the management teams, so that the members represent different fields of education and professions, international backgrounds, and different ages and genders.  

We promote a culture of openness and two personnel representatives participate in the meetings of Lindex Group’s Board of Directors. 

Our divisions strive to ensure respectful and fair treatment of employees and to strengthen diversity through their own personnel planning. You can find out more about our divisions’ personnel policies on their own websites.

Lindex as an employer

Stockmann division as an employer