Lindex Group plc complies with the insider guidelines prepared by the Nasdaq Helsinki Oy (the link will open on Nasdaq’s web pages).

As a result of the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation (“MAR”) that entered into force on 3 July 2016, Lindex Group has no longer public insiders. Counted as the company’s persons discharging managerial duties, are the members of the Board of Directors, the chief executive officer, the members of the Management Team and the auditors. Lindex Group’s Board of Directors has decided that the restriction on trading in the company’s shares by persons discharging managerial duties is 30 days before the publication of an interim report or the financial statements.

Lindex Group also observes a 30-day silent period before the publication of the interim report and the financial statement bulletin. During this time Lindex Group does not comment on the company’s sales or earnings performance or its future outlook.


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