Domestic design meets the needs of our customers

We know our customers well and always listen to their wishes and needs. Stockmann’s own brands are always designed in Finland, something we are proud of.  

In-house design on this scale is quite unique these days. Many brands buy ready-made collections, but at Stockmann we like to keep the design in our own hands to ensure the customer-centric approach. 

Our in-house design team constantly receives accurate information about customer needs from sources such as customer feedback, surveys and sales data. Based on this information, we can design the right designs, colours, prints and sizes. 


Stockmann was awarded the Design from Finland label in 2017. The label is widely recognised in Finland and in Latvia and Estonia, our other countries of operation.

We choose long-lasting materials

Many factors affect the sustainability of materials. Quality drives everything we do and it’s also the basis for our material choices.