Whistleblowing service

Lindex Group has a whistle-blowing channel (whistleblowingchannel) provided by an external partner, which employees, partners and other stakeholders can use to anonymously report any suspected or detected violations of the Code of Conduct or other Group policies.

Employees can also report any suspicions to their supervisor, their unit’s security manager, the Group management, the legal department or the Group’s Internal Audit.

All whistleblowing reports and discussions are taken seriously and handled confidentially. All irregularities are reported to Internal Audit and to the Director of Legal Affairs.

Learn more about our whistleblowing service in the Whistleblowing Policy. If you wish to submit a report, we ask you to first familiarize yourself with the additional information described in the policy.

Go to Lindex Group’s Whistleblowing service here (link open in a new tab).