Strategy and financial targets

The Lindex Group’s strategy is based on the shared strengths and opportunities of the Lindex and Stockmann divisions. Both divisions also have their own separate strategies.

The divisions share the view that customer centricity, an omnichannel approach and strong brands are key strategic factors in building future growth.

Lindex Group has ambitious sustainability targets, and sustainability is a central part of the Group’s operations. Sustainability is incorporated into daily management, meaning that it covers the entire value chain of our operations, from ensuring safe working conditions in the supply chain to minimising the negative environmental impacts of our operations. 

The Group’s strategic priorities:

  1. The best customer experience and highest customer loyalty is achieved by successfully developing an omnichannel operating model.
  2. Customer loyalty is enhanced with strong brands and a strong offering.
  3. Strong commitment to fair and responsible business models and practices will be maintained and further developed.
  4. Growth and efficiency will be sought together with third parties by extending the range of products and services that are relevant to customers and thus also reaching new customer groups.
  5. Sustainable business will be ensured through revenue growth, improved cost efficiency and efficient use of capital. This will improve the Group’s profitability and financial stability.

Lindex Division’s strategy and financial targets

Stockmann division’s strategy and financial targets

sustainability in Lindex group

The Group’s goal is to be one of the leading operators in its sector in terms of sustainable development.