sustainability reviews

The Lindex Group provides information about its responsibility work in its sustainability review. The Lindex Group’s financial reporting is prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and in compliance with Finnish financial reporting and corporate legislation supplementing the IFRS. Read more about the Group’s financial key facts on Investors section (link opens on the same page). Lindex publishes its own corporate social responsibility annually on its website (link opens in a new tab).

sustainability Reviews

The Lindex Group’s annual sustainability report presents the Group’s sustainability focus areas and results according to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard. It is a part of reporting which also includes a Business Review of the year, Financial Statements, Corporate Governance and Remuneration Report.

Sustainability Review 2023 (including GRI index)
CSR Review 2022 (including GRI index)
CSR Review 2021 (including GRI index)
CSR Review 2020 (including GRI index)
CSR Review 2019 (including GRI index)
CSR Review 2018 (including GRI index)

CSR Review 2017 (including GRI index)
CSR Review 2016 (including GRI index)
CSR Review 2015 (including GRI index)
CSR report 2014 + GRI content comparison
CSR report 2013 + GRI content comparison
CSR report 2012
CSR report 2011
CSR Report 2010
CSR Report 2009

Sustainability reports before 2008 are published as a part of the Lindex Group’s Annual Reports.